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University of North Carolina Identity Federation


What is the Federation?

The UNC Identity Federation provides the SAML 2.0 metadata definition and operational infrastructure needed to enable federated service delivery among the constituent members of the University of North Carolina.  In short, the Federation encompasses both the policy and technical infrastructure needed to establish trust, security, and cooperation between its members.

The ultimate goal of the Federation is to facilitate the optimization of service delivery and minimize the duplication of resources across the campuses by providing the trust fabric and technical architecture required to exchange authentication credentials and identity attributes in a secure manner.

Who is Participating?

All 17 constituent institutions of UNC (16 universities, 1 high school) along with the Center for Public Television (UNC-TV), and MCNC. 

Federated Applications

  • UNC Online - A web-based application to facilitate online course exchange between UNC's campuses.  The system provides a consolidated catalog of all online offerings across all UNC schools along with work flow needed to enable existing UNC students to register for online courses at other schools.
    URL: http://online.northcarolina.edu

  • UNC Enrollment Planning & Budget - A web-based application to plan, project, and budget campus enrollment data.  Provides a data entry interface to submit enrollment projections, a sandbox area to conduct what-if analysis, and a repository to provide standard reports.

  • Virtual Computing Lab - A remote access service that allows you to reserve a computer with a desired set of applications for yourself, and remotely access it over the Internet.
    URL: http://vcl.ncsu.edu

  • RAMSeS - An electronic research administration tool that assists in management and reporting for research and sponsored program awards. The tool also includes modules for human subject compliance, animal care compliance, conflict of interest, and technology transfer.

  • UNC System Office Website - The point of contact for the University of North Carolina on the web.  This site contains both public information as well as private applications (intranet + extranet) designed to facilitate business among UNC's campuses and affiliates.
    URL: http://www.northcarolina.edu/